Kilanwa Community hails Miss Gbagyi & Naza Agape Foundation

Miss Gbagyi, in collaboration with the Naza Agape Foundation, spearheaded a health project today in the Kilanwa community of Kwali Area Council. The initiative aimed to address health needs while also contributing to community empowerment.

The health project encompassed various aspects, including medical consultations, health education, and the distribution of essential health supplies.
Specifically eye check up and Malaria treatment. professionals where fully involved, and the impact on the community’s health will improve.

In addition to the health initiative, a generous contribution was made in the form of a sewing machine, donated to some persons in Kilanwa community.
The sewing machine aims to promote skill development, create opportunities for income generation, and enhance the overall socio-economic well-being of the community.

The event witnessed active participation from community members, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

The combined efforts of Miss Gbagyi, Naza Agape Foundation, and their thoughtful donation have significantly contributed to the betterment of Kilanwa community. The health project and sewing machine donation reflect a commitment to holistic community development.

Kilanwa Community
Expressed gratitude to Miss Gbagyi, Naza Agape Foundation for their collaborative spirit that made the project successful.

The collaborative endeavor not only addressed immediate health needs but also planted seeds for long-term community empowerment. The impact of this project is expected to resonate positively in the Kilanwa community for years to come.

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