A Brief History About Miss Gbagyi Nigeria

Most of what is generally known today as Miss Gbagyi Nigeria was for years part of the brand known and called AGBAGYISA (Gbagyi People’s Time) that came into existence sometimes February 2008.

The Agbagyisa was established with all sincerity of purpose by five (5) great Gbagyi Visioners/Pioneers: Sunday Azaki, Andrew Samuel Gwani, Ezekiel Musa Dalhatu, Aaron Bawa Vianyilo and Late Mrs. Janet Duniya of her blessed memory. The organization, AGBAGYISA is popularly known today as Miss Gbagyi Nigeria (MGN) was established to be a celebrated advocacy tool used to build, revive, promote, celebrate, and showcase undiluted Gbagyi rich culture, hard work, and pride of the strong independent people with a view on improving the community and lives of the Gbagyi people in Nigeria and world over.

In November 28th, 2009, an attempt was made to host the maiden edition with the following events, Education, Economic/Commerce and Political talk (awareness), Comedy show, Miss Gbagyi Beauty Pageant, Cultural Music/Dance display and Award Presentation to Gbagyi sons and daughters that have made an impact to the Gbagyi Nation. Unfortunately, the program could not hold due to lack of sponsors except for two partners Alamche Co-operative Society and Meet-up Nigeria Ltd. at the time. These two partners provided the needed support financially and otherwise for research and feasibility study by Ezekiel Dalhatu Musa and Aaron Bawa Vianyilo who traveled far and near for the event. Places and people that were visited and consulted included, NTA Jos Plateau State, NTA Channel 5 Abuja (Mr. Lawal), Ray Power (Hon. Bala Iya, and Comrade. David Aboki) Mr. Isaac Brown the convener and owner of Queen Nigeria organization.

On December 5th, 2014, the maiden Miss Gbagyi Nigeria was held at the Arts and Culture Area 10 Garki Abuja with the following major sponsors: Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda, Hon. Yohanna Peter Ushafa, Hon. Zephaniah B. Jisalo, Hon. Danladi Etsu Zhin, Hon. Micah Y. Jiba,…etc. Senator Philip Tanimu have since being the major sponsor donating the star prize which is a car from the first edition till date.

The first-ever Gbagyi Queen crowned in the person of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Shekwoyemi Bawa Vyanyilo from Nasarawa State. The second edition was held on the 11th December 2015, that saw Her Royal Majesty, Queen Faith Adayilo Philip from FCT Abuja to the throne with Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda donating yet again another star prize (Car). On 6th December 2016, the third edition produced Her Royal Majesty, Queen Lovina Shekwopamibolo Sarki from Kaduna State who went home with another car donated by the Distinguished Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda who also donated cash prize of N150, 000 to the first runner up and a generator set while the 2nd runner up went away with a generator set and cash prize of N100, 000 and the remaining 10 contestants went home with a cash prize of N20, 000 each with miss humility bagging a two horse power split air conditioner.

For administrative conveniences, the brand has the following executives who form part of the organizers namely:

1. Sunday Azaki Chairman

2. Ezekiel Musa Dalhatu Coordinator General

3. Aaron Bawa Vianyilo Secretary General

4. TPL Stephen S. Yakubu Financial Secretary

5. Dandy Kure Abdool Head Media/Publicity

6. Serah Shekwonya Tukurah Legal Adviser

7. Abigail Anyida Adamu Treasurer

8. Lami Godwin Bulus Mobiliser

9. Ibrahim Shawo Fanya Chief Whip

10. Samuel Shekwolo Danjuma Chief Mobiliser

11. Andrew Samuel Gwani Vice Chairman

12. Dauda Baduku MOG Asst. Secretary General

13. Alex Byanyiko Asst. Head Media/Publicity

14. Rogers Adamu Mobiliser

15. Ben Bawa Kogi State Coordinator

16. Jehoiada Jonathan Niger State Coordinator

17. Theophilus Noah Baba FCT Coordinator

18. Henry Dachor Nasarawa State Coordinator

19. Sati Sambo Kaduna State Coordinator

20. Mrs Janet Salami Manager

Vision Statement

To create a new atmosphere where love, unity of purpose and oneness will thrive through culture and traditions of the Gbagyi nation, building, reviving and promoting the rich cultural values to prevent them going into extinct

Mission Statement

To socially, morally and culturally enhance the confidence, potentials and growth of a Gbagyi woman through rigorous trainings, this qualifies one to be Miss Gbagyi Nigeria.

Miss Gbagyi Nigeria is different from other pageants that are not without incidents but a different one all together that will lay great emphasis on virtues such as humility, kindness, spirituality, honesty, decency with self respect and discipline, hard work, focus, intelligence and smartness, etc. Our queen is not to be materialistic and is not to be lustful or to be a symbol of lust.